How do I change contact information or renew my domain name?

To change contact information or renew your domain name, go to the domain manager section of our website at  Your login for this section is NOT the same as your hosting account login.  If you do not remember your login, type in the domain name and use anything for the user name and password.  Once rejected, it will ask if you'd like to have the login emailed to you.  The login will get emailed to the administrative contact of record for the domain name.

If you do not have access to the contact email address listed on your domain name, please use the Tucows/OpenSRS Fax in Form located in our downloads section to change your information.  You will need a copy of your drivers license.

If your domain name is registered through Network Solutions, the fax in form can be downloaded from our downloads section.  If it's with another registrar, you will have to contact that registrar.

In this new billing system, you have the option of importing registered domains to manage in the client area with your hosting account.  Please open a help desk ticket if you are interested in setting this up.

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