FrontPage Troubleshooting

FrontPage publishes Web sites through the HTTP protocol, therefore, it is necessary to have a very stable connection for publishing. The following conditions will cause connectivity errors:

  • Disk quota issues. Returns the error message: "Unable to open file for writing." Although disk quota is not a connectivity issue per se, it does result in a connectivity error message.

  • Root Web Busy errors. Normally, this is caused by two users trying to log in to an account at the same time. Wait for approximately half-an-hour and attempt to log in to the account again. If the problem persists, please submit a help ticket.

  • Server Timeout. This usually results from connectivity issues and large file data transfers. Run a traceroute to ensure there is proper connectivity to your site. For information about running a traceroute, go to How do I run traceroute?

  • Firewalls that block FrontPage. Firewalls will block all HTTP access. If you cannot connect through a Web browser, run a traceroute to ensure there is proper connectivity to your site.

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