Why am I receiving a message to contact my ISP or web server administrator when publishing?

When you attempt to publish to your web site using FrontPage 2002, the system will first check to make sure your Web Hosting account is not exceeding its disk space quota.

If your account is currently exceeding its disk space limit, you will not be able to publish to your account using FrontPage 2002 and will instead receive the following message:

The server could not complete your request. Contact your Internet service provider or web server administrator to make sure that the server has the FrontPage Server Extensions or SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft installed.

For more specific information, click the "Details" button.

Clicking on the "Details" button will display a "403 Forbidden" message.

To publish to your web site using FrontPage 2002, you will either need to return to your File Manager and delete enough files from your account or purchase additional disk space for your Web Hosting account.

All support questions regarding FrontPage should be directed to Microsoft as any issues could be related to known bugs in the software.

For further assistance, please visit the Microsoft FrontPage site. You can also search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for any other specific issues that you encounter with FrontPage.

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