My site has been temporarily disabled.

Did you receive a message when you visit your site that it has been temporarily disabled, OR did you receive an email stating that your account has been suspended?

Accounts are suspended ONLY after several invoices are sent and attempts are made to reach you.  Invoices are emailed 21 days prior to being due.  If payment is not received or can not be processed on that date, a past due invoice is sent.  Several invoice reminders and past due notices are sent.  At 14 days past due, your account is suspended and a late fee applied.  At 45 days past due, your account is removed from our server.

It is very important to keep your contact information on your hosting account on file.  To change any information, or to put a credit card on file, log into the client area.

Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to keep your contact email address current.  It is also your responsibility to whitelist so the invoices do not wind up in your spam folder.  And, ultimately, it is your responsiblity to check your billing history regularly as well as your due date (which can be found on the main page of the control panel, or from the billing history you can see when it billed last).  Invoices are system generated and sent automatically, so if you do not recieve them, there is a problem with your email address.

If your site is suspended, making a payment should immediately unsuspend it.  You may also pay your bill at the "pay your bill" link at

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