My credit card was declined

We are sending you this email because we attempted to charge your credit card today for your ongoing subscriber account with and were unsuccessful. We are going to attempt to charge you again in seven days. If that is also unsuccessful, we will wait another seven days and try again. If all three of these attempted charges are unsuccessful, we will be forced to shut off your account.

What went wrong?
Dont worry, there are a few common causes of recurring billing failure, which account for the majority of cases and are quite easy to fix. Below are a couple of possible reasons for our inability to charge your card.

1. Your credit card was refused: Credit cards get refused for any number of reasons, including, but not limited to, insufficient funds. It may also be the case that your credit card was cancelled and you forgot to provide a new card on the site.

2.Your address is incorrect: You may have moved since your last charge and forgot to change your billing address on our site.

How do I fix this?
Correcting potential issues with your credit card and our site is easy. The first thing wed like you to do, however, is give a call to your credit card provider. Simply check in with them to make sure that everything is ok with your account. They may be able to access the denied charge and tell you more about what is going on. If this doesnt help, you can try:

1. Changing your card on the site: Use your user name and password to log into the client area. Then, click on My Account and edit your credit card information.

(* tip: Even if your information looks correct, change it anyway. Sometimes resubmitting your information will reset the error occurring on your account.)

2. Update your billing address.


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