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Proposal Kit for Windows, Macintosh and Linux
By Thomas Granger


Proposal Kit:

It wasn't long ago the only ones writing formal proposals were government contractors. Nowadays, writing business proposals is usually a requirement for any business, especially to stay competitive and stay in business.

If you've never used a formal proposal or contract for your business, then this product will get you started doing it fast and easy. It pretty much includes every possible proposal and contract template and estimate document you could need for your business. Whether you are a web site developer, ISP, CD-Rom producer, graphic designer, computer programmer or any other type of technology related business, Proposal Kit has something for everyone.

What it is:

Proposal Kit Pro is a suite of business proposal and contract management products that help designers and developers focus on the business end of what they do. It was created by and for developers and designers and has a huge following. Just check out the testimonials and industry endorsements on their web site.

It includes hundreds of pages of material including: proposal templates, sample proposals, contract and agreement documents, project estimate spreadsheets, interview questionnaires, planning checklists, example project layout diagrams and more! Fully editable and immediately downloadable Proposal Kit products are designed to essentially help you price your services, streamline your business and allow you to focus more on your bottom line, which translates into more money in your pocket and a lot less stress.

And it doesn't just stop there. Proposal Kit released a non-technical version of their kits for any business called �Proposal Packs�. These are collections of their proposals in many graphic themes that help you design and outline a wide-variety of business proposals that conform to industry standard guidelines. So if you do not know an Executive Summary from a Cost Summary from a Mission Statement, you need to check their products out. Proposal Packs appeal to individuals, freelancers, small businesses and even individuals and groups within large companies who need to get started fast and within a budget.

Proposal Kit products are cross-platform compatible and will work on Macintosh (OS 8/9 and OS X), Windows (98 to XP) and Linux systems with OpenOffice. If you use office applications such as Appleworks, Microsoft Word (Mac or PC), OpenOffice, StarOffice or even Word Perfect � they have you covered.

Once installed Proposal Kit gives you an easy to use document launcher and organizer, a generous amount of help documentation and hundreds of pages of material. If you take the extra time required to customize the documents with your own logo and business information � you can quickly see how this product will save you time and money. For people like us that isn't just hyperbole � it actually does translate into money .

The Pro:

  • They come out with frequent updates and upgrades to the Proposal & Contract materials.
  • It is already used by thousands of developers worldwide and used in University web design & business courses.
  • It has contract documents that conform to US, UK , Australian, Canadian (and Quebec ) Law.
  • It supports many operating system and office suite combinations.

The Con:

  • It really is a lot of documents. It will take awhile to review and realize the full potential of everything that is included and how it all works together as a system.

You can check out testimonials and samples on their website.

Proposal Kit and Related Products:

About the author:

Tom Granger is the founder of Florentine Design Group, a provider of web, software, e-commerce, graphic design, CD-ROM development and other multimedia solutions to a wide variety of businesses and government organizations. Florentine Design Group is a long-time user of Proposal Kit and has contributed material to Proposal Kit for many years.

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