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The number one reason a domain name transfer can get held-up is because of old records listed in the WHOIS database.
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Pay Your Bill

Before you submit your payment, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY.

  1. Using this form does NOT renew your domain name.  You must follow the renewal instructions in your reminder email or here to renew the domain.
  2. All invoices should be paid through your client area at  This ensures immediate update and posting of payment to your account.  Payments made here may take 2-3 business days to manually be posted to your account.

The best way to pay your bill is to keep a valid credit card on file. This will prevent any interruption in service due to you not recieving emailed invoices. This can be for a variety of reasons - your contact information on the account may be out of date,or your email provider may be blocking mail from beHosting as spam (always whitelist if possible). Whatever the reason, keeping a valid card on file will prevent any service interruptions, because you will be automatically billed. You will receive an invoice two weeks prior to regular billing.

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Kiva - loans that change lives beHo knits and supports TSF/DWB. So there. Internet for Good.